Department of Electronics

Electronics is a field, which deals with study, design, and use of devices, that depends on the conduction of electricity through materials. Earlier it was considered as an integral part of Electrical Engineering. However, due to its tremendous advancement in a short period of time, it has achieved its own place in the field of science and technology. Electronics is a field, in which rapid developments are taking place every day. New Electronic devices and gadgets are appearing in the market, and the usage of Electronics is expanding almost every field. Because of the growing applications of this field, students who study Electronics will have good career opportunities.


Department of Electronics,
Faculty of Applied Sciences,
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka,
Sri Lanka.


+(94) 37 2283622


+(94) 37 2283622


The Department of Electronics at the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka offers course modules covering various fields of Electronics for three Degree programs – B.Sc(General), B.Sc (Joint Major), and B.Sc (Special) in Applied Electronics. Electronics is a dynamic field of study, where students can find numerous career opportunities with the knowledge, both theoretical and practical, gained through these course modules. Our Department is the only Department of the State University system of Sri Lanka, that offers Electronics as a major subject for physical science or applied science stream.

Most of our past graduates work as Engineers or Assistant Engineers in private sector, while others work in Executive positions and Software Engineers, with good salaries. Majority of industries in Sri Lanka tend to adopt advanced Electronics technology, specially in their production line. One of the major problem they face is lack of experts in the field. Our graduates have good opportunities to cater their demands. Therefore, the graduates with the knowledge of Electronics will have good chance of finding job opportunities.

The Department of Electronics offers Postgraduate research Degrees leading to M.Phills and PhDs. Prospective students can enroll for a research degree in different fields such as Nano Electronics, Polymer Electronics, Embedded Systems, and Antenna Design.

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