Mathematical Society of Wayamba

Department of Mathematical Sciences


Department of Mathematical Sciences,,
Faculty of Applied Sciences,
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka,
Sri Lanka.


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+94 37 2283170


Mathematical Society of Wayamba

The Mathematical Society of Wayamba is an academic society which is functioned under the Department of Mathematical Sciences. It organizes the Mathematical Sciences Day as the major event with the intention of enhancing the participation of undergraduates in extracurricular activities. They have got opportunities to show their inborn talents. In addition to that quiz competitions are held for testing mathematical and statistical knowledge among undergraduates as well as among school children and a talk is given by an expert in the field of Mathematics or Statistics. Moreover, Mathematical camps and workshops for school students are organized with the intension of serve the community.


Mathematics for Future Generation

Aims and Objectives:

  • To improve the mutual understanding among students of Mathematical Sciences.
  • To enhance the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students in the field of Mathematics and Statistics.
  • To develop the creativity and logical thinking of the students by using Mathematical and Statistical concepts.

Office Bearers for the Academic Year 2019/2020




Dr.(Mrs). N.A.D.N. Napagoda

Senior Treasurer

 Mrs. S.D. Dahanayaka     


Mr. S.T.D. Silva     

Vice President

Ms. C.N.S. Silva             


Ms. M.K.S. Costha 

Assistant Secretary

Ms. P.V.S. Madhumalika

Junior Treasurer

Mr. U.B.N.U. Basnayake


Mr. S.R.C. Senadeera       

Committee Members

Ms. U.M.L.I. Aberathna

Ms. T.D.A.G. Thewarapperuma        

Ms. S.R.P. Kodikara

Mr. A.P.C.P. Hemachandra 

Ms. C.D. Paranawithana

Ms. G.M.N.D. Rajakaruna

Mr. N.T.D. De Silva

Mr. K.M.S.A.E. Karunamuni

Mr. S.M. Chathuranga

Ms. M.M.I. Nimnadi