Annual Symposium on Research and Industrial Training of Department of Electronics

ASRITE (Annual Symposium on Research and Industrial Training of Department of Electronics) is the place for the undergraduates of the department of electronics to publishing their innovative researches to the community. Undergraduates research publications are carried out in two-degree programs. Both Undergraduates who follow BSc. Special in Applied Electronics Degree program and B.Sc. (Joint Major) Degree program carry out one-year research throughout their final year under the supervision of the experienced academic staff of the department of electronics. Undergraduates who follow B.Sc. (Joint Major) Degree carry out another 6 months of industrial training research in their industrial training period with the supervision of academic staff with the collaboration of industrial experts. All of these researches are based on electronics concepts and innovations. Industrial automation, Polymer electronics, Nano Science, Communication Engineering, Power electronics, Optimization Theory Control Systems, Embedded Systems, Mechatronics are some well-known fields that our researches are based on. Undergraduates of the department of electronics carried out numerous researches in above fields. These researches have helped the undergraduates to maintain a high employability rate with a higher salary scheme. All these researches are published and presented on ASRITE annually since 2014.