Computer Laboratories

Department of Computing & Information Systems


Department Of Computing & Information Systems,
Faculty of Applied Sciences,
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka,
Sri Lanka.


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Welcome to the Computer Laboratories, Department of Computing and Information Systems. Our computer labs are designed to provide our students with the necessary tools to excel in their computing and information systems studies. We are pleased to offer three computer labs for our students to use.

Lab 1, also known as the e-Learning Center, has 58 PCs, all equipped with Windows 10 and CentOS 7 operating systems. Additionally, the lab is equipped with various software applications, including NetBeans, Visual Studio Code, Packet Tracer, Java Development Kit (JDK), MATLAB, Microsoft Visio, LibreOffice, Microsoft Office, Code::Blocks, Arduino, Android Studio, Python, XAMPP, SWI-Prolog, and Notepad++. The lab is powered by Veyon, a software application that enables us to monitor and control the computers in the lab, making it ideal for teaching in digital learning environments, performing virtual training, or providing remote support.

Lab 2 has 20 PCs, and we also provide Wi-Fi, electricity, and Ethernet connections for students who prefer to use their own laptops. We welcome up to 20 students to use this lab at any given time.

Lab 3 is a networking workshop that provides our students with the opportunity to learn about and work with computer networks.

We request that all students using our computer labs abide by the following rules and regulations:

  1. No food or drinks are allowed in the lab. This is to maintain a clean and safe environment and prevent damage to the hardware.

  2. Only authorized software should be installed on lab computers. Any unauthorized software installation is prohibited.

  3. Do not change any settings on the lab computers without permission. 

  4. Do not engage in any activity that may harm the hardware, software, or network. This includes downloading any files or software that are not approved or accessing any websites that may contain malware.

  5. Respect the rights of other students to learn and work. This includes keeping noise levels to a minimum and not interfering with other students’ work.

  6. Keep the lab clean and organized. Dispose of any trash properly and leave the lab in the same condition as you found it.

  7. Follow any additional rules and regulations posted in the lab.

We strive to maintain a safe and conducive learning environment for all our students. Therefore, we request everyone to abide by these rules and regulations. We hope that our computer labs will provide our students with an optimal learning experience, allowing them to enhance their computing and information systems knowledge and skills.