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Department Of Computing & Information Systems,
Faculty of Applied Sciences,
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka,
Sri Lanka.


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It’s the study of computers and computational systems. Its more of studying software and software systems which includes studying their theory, design, development, and application. Basically, it’s a LOT MORE than programming !

Because Computer Science has always been and always will be with the future! Be it engineering, natural or social sciences, economics, finance or government or anything, one has to be familiar with essentials of computing to understand and leverage technology in the search for scientific breakthroughs.

A Computer Science degree involves well developed communication, leadership and management skills coupled with creative technical savvy, the things that employers in any industry would love to see in their recruits. Computer and Information Technology industry has a very good job market and a sea of opportunities. In other words, you’ll become a highly employable graduate!!

Apart from contributing to the BSc (General) and BSc (joint Major) degrees at FAS, we offer BSc (Special) Degree in Computer Science.

We also offer a Diploma in Software Engineering which is a fee-levying, external course designed to par with SLQF3.

We are in the process of introducing several other Internal and External Degree programmes including a postgraduate program (MSc in Computer Science), in very near future!!

Here at CMIS we focus on fundamental principles of computing and developing skills in data structures, algorithmic reasoning, hardware /software design needs and trade-offs, and integrated software application design. We prepare our students to apply these principles creatively and responsibly.

If your interest is in creating efficient software applications, including applications for web, mobiles and networks, then Computer Science is for you! Remember, good software design and development skills are a key!!

On admission to the Faculty, you can apply for the subject combinations in priority order (see prospectus for more details). In the first year of study, if you have been selected to follow a subject combination with subjects offered by CMIS, you’ve taken the first step towards selecting Computer Science as a subject!

Having being selected to a subject combination with CMIS in it, based on your preference and the academic performance of Level I and Level II, you can choose to follow either BSc (General) degree, BSc (Joint Major) Degree or BSc (Special) degree in Computer Science, at the end of second year.

If you opt for BSc (General) degree, Computer Science will be one of your subject areas specified by the degree.

If you opt for BSc (Joint Major) degree, which involves continuation in two subject areas called Major 1 and Major 2, you can choose computer science as your Major I or Major II. Your preference will be entertained prioritized by your academic performance of the previous two years. You’ll need a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 with at least an ordinary pass for English Language Proficiency Tests held at the end of Level 1 and Level 2.

If you opt for BSc (Special) degree, your application will be assessed based on the criteria specified by CMIS as mentioned in your prospectus. Moreover, you will be interviewed by the Faculty to assess your contribution to academic societies, participation in extracurricular activities, communication skills, and disciplinary conduct etc. and other specific needs of the Department.

Diploma in Software Engineering is a fee levying Diploma course offered for external students who are looking for a systematic breakthrough to the world of Software development at an affordable cost. It has emphasis in developing basic skills into the areas of Systems Analysis & Design, Database Design, Software Engineering and Business Information Systems. The course has a marked practical emphasis to ensure that participants reach a level of programming competence sufficient to develop simple software applications individually.

CMIS proudly owns a fully qualified academic staff, a very supportive non academic staff, laboratories well equipped to carry out undergraduate computer science education effectively and successfully in a friendly environment. Our computer labs are connected to the internet 24/7. We also provide students with Wi Fi facilities to be connected on the go. While having your own computer may benefit you at the university, at CMIS you can well survive without having one!!