Online O/L Seminar Series

Due to the covid- 19 pandemic situation many students had to face some difficulties when doing their studies. Specially, those who are willing to sit their cut-off examinations. As the electronic society of Faculty of applied sciences WUSL, we decided to support the students who are willing to sit GCE. O/L 2020 examination.

Therefore we held a seminar series for three days from 5th to 7th of February 2021. Also covered most of the essential fifteen topics in both physics and chemistry. We made reading materials that covered all selected areas and also supplied supported videos that will help them to have a more clear idea about the difficult subject matters, with the support of Wayoscope.

We are happy to say that more than six hundred students had registered to our seminar sessions. And at the end of the seminar series, all the reading materials and recorded discussions were distributed among the participants to refer further and also with the hope that they would share those with the student who couldn’t participate to the seminar series.