All Level 01 Students of Faculty of Applied Sciences accommodated in Hostels.

As per the guidelines issued by the UGC, the University has planned to commence academic activities step by step.

Accordingly, You are required to visit the hostel on the given date and time to vacate your rooms (allocated dates are stated in the list below). You will only be allowed to enter in to the hostel premises on the date allocated to you. If you fail to vacate your hostel room on the given date, the University will not be responsible for your belongings. You will not be allowed to stay over-night in the hostel. If you need accommodation for one night (to vacate hostels), you must inform the reason in advance to the Registrar and should obtain the prior- approval. Based on the requirement, a small common space may be provided to store the belongings of the students in each hostel, at their own risk. If you need further assistance you may contact the relevant sub-warden.