Resumption of Academic Activities Academic Year 2018/2019 – Level 2

This is to inform that Academic Activities of Level 2 of the Degree Programs will resume as follows.

Practical Session / Practical Examination Period

 Practical Sessions Level 2- Semester I  16.03.2021-24.03.2021
 Practical Examinations Level 2-Semester I  25.03.2021-27.03.2021
 Practical Sessions Level 2- Semester II  29.03.2021-06.04.2021
 Practical Examinations Level 2-Semester II  08.04.2021-10.04.2021
Students’ attention is drawn to the following:
  • All the Level 2 students are required to stay in the Hostels during the above period. Students will be provided accommodation at the Hostels from Monday, 15 th March.
  • All the students are strongly advised to be on self-isolation from 1st March to 14th March.
  • Students are required to fill in the Student Data Sheet and get it certified by the Public Health Inspector (PHI) of the relevant area. (Student Data sheet will be published on the Web in due course)
  • Students are required to submit the Student Data Sheet certified by the PHI to the Student Welfare Division when entering the University.
  • Students are strongly advised not to go out of the University premises during the above period. Students’ movement within the University will also be restricted.
  • Students are strongly advised to strictly follow the Covid-19 prevention guidelines published on the Web.
  • Students are expected to behave responsibly.
  • Students are required to leave the Hostels soon after sitting for the final examination paper of the Semester II Practical Examination.
Dean/ Faculty of Applied Sciences